Acura Integra Returns

2022 Acura Integra headlight

Acura has surprised drivers and critics everywhere after years of circulating rumors: the Iconic Acura Integra compact sports car will be returning next year! While details are still vague, the fully unveiled Integra is going to be announced sometime in 2022, and go on sale shortly after. After a 16-year hiatus, we’re left asking many questions about this multi-year award-winning and highly regarded model would return. Would it come with a stronger standard powertrain? Would the available manual transmission return? Are we going to see a return of the legendary Integra Type R or Type S trims but with additional power to reclaim its spot? When Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda was asked about some of these details he insisted that the Integra was not going to be a replacement of the ILX, and instead be the brand’s new entry-level vehicle.

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