What Are Acura Brake Pads?

Drivers often want to know, “What are brake pads?” Acura brake pads apply pressure to the brake rotors (discs), creating friction to slow or stop the vehicle. Brake pad material wears down with driving and the pads should be replaced before the friction material is gone. Kearny Mesa Acura is your number one place for brake pads in San Jose, CA.

What Are Acura Brake Rotors?

Acura brake rotors (discs) are squeezed by the brake pads, causing friction that reduces the speed of the rotors, which slows or stops the vehicle. Brake rotors also dissipate heat produced during braking.

What Are Acura Remanufactured Brake Calipers?

What is a brake caliper? On disc brakes, brake calipers retain the brake pads and are mounted over the brake rotors. They create the clamping force used to slow and stop the vehicle.

What Are Acura Brake Shoes?

On vehicles with rear drum brakes, the shoes press against the drum to slow or stop the vehicle. With driving, the brake shoe lining wears down. Acura brake shoes must be replaced before the friction material is gone.

What Are Acura Brake Drums?

Acura brake shoes press against the inner surface of the brake drums, causing friction that reduces the speed of the drums, which slows or stops the vehicle. Brake drums also dissipate heat produced during braking.

Ignoring brake drum conditions may lead to system performance issues, such as reduced stopping ability. Brake drums should be replaced if the drum inside diameter is greater than the service limit, or if the brake drum’s condition is deemed unrepairable, including scoring, grooves, corrosion, cracks, or contamination.

Taking care of them will help ensure braking performance, reliability, and your vehicle’s optimal braking performance.

What Are Acura Brake Lines/Hoses?

Acura brake lines and hoses transfer brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brake calipers. Although the steel lines and reinforced rubber hoses can withstand high brake system pressure, they can be susceptible to corrosion and damage from road debris, which can eventually lead to fluid leaks.

Why service your vehicle at an Acura Dealership?

Warranty Coverage

Acura Genuine Remanufactured Parts sold for non-warranty replacements are covered by a 3-year or 36,000-mile replacement parts limited warranty when purchased from and installed by an authorized Acura automobile dealer. See your vehicle’s warranty materials for additional terms and conditions.

Value and Trust

Acura dealerships strive to offer the same things people choose an Acura vehicle for, including reliability, dependability, and value. Our Parts and Service Department is committed to earning your loyalty every time you visit and helping you prolong the life of your vehicle.

Acura Professionals

Our Dealership Parts and Service personnel are trained professionals and are continually providing leading-edge customer service, process, and technical training. Combine that with up-to-date technical resources, specialized processes, and specific tools for your exact model and year, and you’ve got the right people to help make maintaining your Acura as satisfying as owning it. When you need new brakes or new brake pads in San Jose, CA, you can rely on the experts at Kearny Mesa Acura.

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