Manufacturer’s Supply Chain Statement

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires that retailers and manufacturers disclose efforts to eliminate human trafficking and slavery in supply chains. As an Acura retailer, we fully support the promotion of human rights and rely on our franchiser to regulate their supply chain before their products reach our stores. As a result, we do not:

  • Require verification activities to identify, assess, and manage the risks of human trafficking in our product supply chain;
  • Audit suppliers in evaluating compliance with the company’s standards for trafficking and slavery in our supply chains;
  • Require our direct suppliers to make certifications regarding that the materials in products comply with laws regarding human trafficking and slavery;
  • Have internal procedures for determining whether employees or contractors are complying with company standards regarding slavery and human rights;
  • Engage with specified training regarding human trafficking and slavery and mitigating risk within the supply chain.

For more information regarding Acura’s supply chain management, please review their statement here.