What is Motor Oil?

What is motor oil? Motor oil lubricates your engine and protects moving parts to keep things running right. There are three types of motor oil available – conventional oil, full synthetic oil, and synthetic blend. Your owner’s manual will have information on the type of motor oil your specific Acura model requires. Meanwhile, learn more about the three types of motor oil below:

  • Conventional oil, often referred to as “regular” oil,  is refined from crude oil and is used to lubricate the internal engine parts in order to make everything run smoothly. 
  • Full synthetic oils undergo a more intensive refining process which helps to reduce oxidation and sludge buildup in the engine. Acura Ultimate Full Synthetic motor oil, manufactured especially for Acura vehicles, enhances engine performance at extreme temperatures or under harsh driving conditions. While full synthetic oil is pricier than conventional oil, it is required in some vehicles.
  • A synthetic blend is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil. Synthetic blends are often preferred by Carlsbad drivers who wish to enjoy some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a more affordable price. 

Acura Oil Filters in San Diego, CA

Every oil change in San Diego at our dealership includes an oil filter replacement. How does an oil filter work? As the engine’s oil pump sends the oil through the filter to the engine. The material inside the oil filter helps to clean dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the oil.

Benefits of choosing an Acura oil filter in San Diego, CA include:

  • Genuine Acura oil filters are specifically engineered to maintain the peak performance capabilities of your Acura car or SUV.
  • Your Acura TLX, RDX, or MDX oil filter uses 60% more paper than other competitive filters. This allows it to trap more contaminants to keep your oil clean and fresh.
  • Acura oil filters are fitted with a superior seal that creates more solid contact between the filter and engine, which helps to prevent leaks.
  • The anti-drain-back valve build into Acura oil filters keeps old, dirty oil from draining back into the engine.

Where can you find genuine Acura oil filters in San Diego? The parts department at Kearny Mesa Acura is well-stocked with Acura TLX, Acura RDX, and Acura MDX oil filters. You can order an oil filter from us online and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

Why Service Your Vehicle at an Acura Dealership?

Value and Trust

At Kearny Mesa Acura we are committed to offering reliability, dependability, and value. Our parts and service team strives to earn your loyalty every time you visit and they are dedicated to helping you prolong the life of your vehicle.

Acura Professionals

Our Acura parts and service personnel are trained professionals who provide a level of customer service that few other dealerships can match. When you visit our state-of-the-art Service Center, you can depend on the skill and expertise of our expert technicians to help make maintaining your Acura as satisfying as owning it.

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